Hybrid Easylay SPC 7mm

Hybrid Easy Lay 7mm comes in an array of nine colours with a plank size of 1500mm x 183mm.

The print film in each range is protected by a 0.5mm wear layer and then a further two coats of ceramic matt UV polyurethane surface protection.


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Golden Elite Group Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) flooring is the hybrid flooring with a difference.

The unique engineered tri-layer limestone polymer core provides greater dimensional stability compared to mono-layer alternatives or natural timber and the hardness of the core significantly improves the indent resistance of the surface.

The composition of the limestone core means that the cutting/sanding dust provided contains less than the GHS threshold (GHS hazard categories represent the known hazards of the chemical) of 0.1% by weight, which is required by Safe Work Australia. This means the product is not of concern with regards to respirable crystalline silica.

SPC incorporates a 1.5mm natural cork backing layer rather than the more popular foam type options. There are six good reasons for using cork backing;

1. Cork is made up of Suberin which is a water resistant, waxy substance that is present in the cell walls and this is the major reason for the high resistance to degradation and the low permeability of this natural material.  There are plenty of alarmist theories on the web about cork floors soaking up water like a sponge. The reality is that cork actually ranks alongside some of the more water-resistant wood flooring options out there.

2. The natural resistance of cork to crushing helps eliminate permanent dents or deformities caused by heavy objects resting on the floor.

3. The inclusion of a cork significantly reduces the sound of footstep noise both within the room and in the space below, in the case of 2nd floor and above installations.

4. Cork can make floors feel much warmer because of its natural thermal insulating qualities.

5. The natural texture of cork improves the mechanical friction between it and the subfloor surface which supports dimensional and joint stability in floating floor applications.

6. Cork allows for two methods of installation, either floating or direct-stick.


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7 x 183 x 1500mm


Wear Layer

Formaldehyde Rating


Installation Method


Slip Test


SQM per Box


Pieces per Box

8 pieces/box

Weight (kg}


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)



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