SUMMIT Laminate 12mm AC5

Laminate is considered to be one of the most versatile and economical flooring options that can be used for both residential and commercial projects.  It is suitable for use in a wide variety of areas such as kitchens, hallways and bedrooms as well as dining and living room areas.

The biggest consideration when selecting a thicker plank vs a thinner plank vs a  will be durability vs cost, as well as flooring longevity and so we offer our Elite range is both 8mm and 12mm thick planks. The benefits of the thicker 12mm plank include increased durability and impact resistance, quieter with less echo and better masking of subfloor imperfections which makes the installation much more forgiving. Thickness also tends to affect the feel of the planks when they are walked on.

This range reflects a commercial quality floor covering but at a slightly higher cost than the 8mm product.

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Some of the advantages of our Summit range of laminate flooring include:

– Less expensive than tiles or natural stone

– Less expensive to install.

– As a manufactured product, it does not have the natural defects that can be found in real timber.

– It’s durable and easy to maintain.

– Eco-friendly – E0 rating meaning it is formaldehyde free.

Our Summit 12mm AC5  product is available in a selection of nine photo-realistic timber print colours in EIR finish only

Embossed – In – Register (EIR) is a a manufacturing process that intensifies the depth, texture and authentic look by embossing the surface to match the woodgrain pattern of the print film. Crystal finish is a more subtle, horizontal brushed texture that runs the length of the plank. Both finishes capture all the authentic character, warmth and charm of real timber boards, but at a fraction of the cost.

The AC rating (abrasion class rating) is the international standard grading which measures impact resistance, stain resistance, swelling under moisture, and also includes a Tabor Abrasion Test. The rating scale goes from AC1 through to AC5, with the higher the number associated with better quality laminate floors. AC5 laminate flooring is designed for high-traffic commercial areas like department stores, shopping centres and office buildings. It has a tough finish that can withstand the most abuse.



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12 x 235 x 2250mm


Eir Finish

Abrasion Class


Formaldehyde Rating


Installation Method


Slip Test


SQM per Box


Pieces per Box

5 pieces/box

Weight (kg}


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)



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